sun-thu, From 12:00 To 16:00 Our business lunches include a main course as well as a choice of appetizers and beverages Good Afternoon

Mini-focaccia baked in a brick oven
olive oil tomato sauce and hot green peppers
Lettuce and cherry tomato salad
salanova lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, red onions in champagne vinaigrette dressing
Beet salad baked in a brick oven
goat cheese parsley, basil, mint, fresh red chili, olive oil and lemon
Fresh Polenta
cauliflower roasted in a brick oven, focaccia crumbs and parmesan peel (for an additional 10 IS)
Burnt Sinta Carpaccio
squeezed tomato, burnt onion, black-olive oil, Fresh hyssop and roasted pine nuts (for an additional 10 IS)
Soup of the Day
(for an additional 10 IS)
Choice of beverages
Orange juice, lemonade, red grapefruit or soda
One- third Peroni or Jems
glass of lambrusco / Prosecco
red or white wine
(an additional 10 IS)
Jaffa fish tartar
Freshly chopped bream, burnt tomatoes, red onion, mint, parsley, goat labane cheese, zaatar and sumac
(for an additional 10 IS)
Soup of the day (variable)
(for an additional 10 IS)
Rosted Vegetables (variable)