Focaccia \ Parmesan Focaccia
26/ 28 ₪
baked in a brick oven, served with tomato sauce hot green pepper & garlic cont.
66 ₪
garlic focaccia topped with borata, pecorino cheese, tomato salsa and scallions
Jaffa fish tartar
58 ₪
Freshly chopped bream, burnt tomatoes, red onion, mint, parsley, goat labane cheese,
zaatar and sumac
Fresh Polenta
54 ₪
served with cauliflower roasted in a brick oven and parmesan carvings
Oven-baked cauliflower gnocchi
58 ₪
potato gnocchi with rosted cawliower in a blue cheese cream & parmesan sauce
Seared Sirloin Carpaccio
58 ₪
squeezed tomato, burnt onion, black olive oil arugula aioli, za'atar & roasted pine nuts
Beet Salad
56 ₪
baked in a brick oven, served with goat cheese, parsley basil, mint, fresh red chili, olive oil,
lemon & roasted pistachios
Panzanella Salad
58 ₪
rosted tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red onion, rosted peppers, spicy green pepper, mint, basil,
torn focaccia, mozzarella, olive oil, vinigar, kalamata olives
Lettuce Salad
58 ₪
lettuce hearts, salanova lettuce, arugula, orange fillet stracchino cheese, roasted almonds,
champagne vinaigrette & pure honey
Roasted Vegetables
56 ₪
in a brick oven (Variable)
Avocado and artichoke salad
58 ₪
italian artichoke, avocado, arugula, tomato, mint, green onion, red onion, feta cheese, hyssop
and fresh red chili pepper


58 ₪
tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil & olive oil
66 ₪
champignon, Portobello, cherry tomatoes fresh mozzarella, basil & truffle oil (without tomato sauce).
68 ₪
tomato sauce, Italian pepperoni, fresh mozzarella & green onion.
68 ₪
fresh mozzarella, carbonara sauce, bacon, egg yolk, parmesan & arugula (without tomato sauce)
66 ₪
tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, basil & Italian artichoke
76 ₪
truffle cream & mascarpone, champignon, Portobello, mozzarella, & parmesan carvings (without tomato sauce)
72 ₪
tomato sauce, minced lamb, tahini, roasted pine nuts purple onion, mint, parsley, arugula & sumac
Green pizza
68 ₪
mascarpone and creamed spinach sauce,
baby zuccini, kalamata olives, rosted cherry tomatos, goat cheese,
parmesane and orugula.
68 ₪
bianca sauce, blue cheese, spinach, mozzarella and parmesan
All pizzas may also be served with vegan cheese


Linguine Pomodoro
58 ₪
tomato sauce, mascarpone cheese, truffle puree
basil, garlic, olive oil & red wine.
Spinach Tagliatelle
66 ₪
green pasta, garlic, white wine, rosted tomato spinach & mascarpone
Linguini Aglioe olio
72 ₪
Green pasta, Green vegetables, olive oil, garlic,
fillet of bream from the tabun & salsa verde
Linguine Bolognese
72 ₪
slow-cooked beef stew, root vegetables
& red wine
Pappardelle Lamb Shank
74 ₪
slow-cooked lamb shank removed from
the bone, in a lamb stock sauce
Radiatori Sirloin
74 ₪
sirloin cuts, balsamic caramelized onion
sun-dried tomatoes & basil in a beef stock sauce
Radiatori Bacon
74 ₪
spinach, mushrooms, bacon poached egg
& parmesan carvings
Pappadelle Fungi
74 ₪
white wine, champignon, Portobello, porcini
truffel puree, basil, a touch of cream & parmesan
Linguine Seafood
88 ₪
mussels, shrimps & calamari Sicilian pesto
& mini broccoli
Linguini carbonara
74 ₪
burn bacon, carbonara sauce, egg yolk
Linguini Osso buco
78 ₪
A portion of Osobuku cooked overnight in Tabun, decomposed into fresh pasta in
a spicy arbiata sauce
Vegan Fungi
69 ₪
corn our pasta (gluten-free), champignon,
porcini Portobello, trues, coconut milk & basil
All pasta may also be served with vegan corn pasta (Gluten free)


Pullet Steak
88 ₪
baked in a brick oven, served with roasted vegetables
Ocean Fish Fillet
98 ₪
baked in a brick oven, served with roasted vegetable
Salmon Fillet
98 ₪
baked in a brick oven, served on lemon rissoto with green vegetabels


Risotto Porcin
72 ₪
champignion, portobello, porcini, spinach, parmesan
carvings and truffle oil.
Butternut Squash and Sage Gnocchi
64 ₪
with chestnut & basil butter & white wine
Artichoke Ravioli
69 ₪
italian artichoke & mini broccoli served in a lemon butter garlic sauce with sun-dried tomatoes
Beef Fillet mignon gnocchi
84 ₪
potato gnocchi, filet mignon, snow peas, salsa verda and mushrooms
tortellini spinach and ricotta
69 ₪
beet and cream sauce with fresh zatar


Gemma Tiramisu
42 ₪
Pistachio Ricotta Knafeh
44 ₪
with a hint of rosewater & cardamom
Lemon Pie
44 ₪
Burned Meringue and Strawberry Sorbet
Homemade cheesecake
44 ₪
With fresh raspberry sauce
26/ 44 ₪
wine dough stuffed with mascarpone & Rosetta almonds served with Amarena cherries
Chocolate pot from the tabun
46 ₪
with vannila ice cream, and seasonal fruit
40 ₪
italian vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso
40 ₪
passion fruit and strawberry

Soft Drinks

Still water/Sparkling water
26/ 28 ₪
Lemonade/Orange/Grapefruit/Grape juice
14 ₪
Freshly squeezed orenge juice
18 ₪
Malt beer
14 ₪
Cola/Diet/Zero/sprite/ diet
14 ₪
Fuze tea
14 ₪
Sumersby- Alcoholic Sparkling Apple cider
22 ₪
Iced coffee
22 ₪
lemon-mint slushy
22 ₪
Sparkling / Tonic / Bitter lemon / ginger beer / ginger ale
12 ₪
Iced tea verbana Mint / ginger lemon honey
18 ₪

Hot Drinks

Cappuccino (soy+ 2 nis)
13/16 ₪
Espresso/ Double
9/11 ₪
Macchiato/ Double
10/12 ₪
12 ₪
13 ₪
Hot apple cider
18 ₪
Tea Infusion
18 ₪
verbena,green tea, bleack, bedauin
11/13 ₪